Success Stories

It is my mission to train and empower the next generation of high-achieving, compassionate, and diverse Hollywood leaders who will bring positive change and innovation to the entertainment industry. 

I'd like to shine a spotlight on some of my top clients below. Enjoy!

Kate was able to very kindly, but firmly give me the advice I needed to change my interview language to sound confident and competent. She also encouraged me to use my existing network to find an "in" in Hollywood as that is pretty much the only way to get a job in this town. It's all about who you know. Literally within only a few weeks of working with Kate, I used my existing network, and LANDED every single job I applied for. I'm not exaggerating. It was amazing! And throughout the process, Kate would check in with me to see how I was doing, which I really appreciated. I now work for a producer of a major TV show on Amazon and couldn't be happier! I am so grateful to Kate for all her advice and help in my job hunt!"



"As an experienced entertainment professional, Kate was instrumental in both preparing me for the agency business and putting me in a position to secure a highly competitive trainee position at a top-four talent agency. Having made the steep climb from the mailroom to being named coordinator of ICM's TV Literary department in less than two years, her honest insight and practical knowledge (not to mention her substantial industry connections) were truly invaluable. Furthermore, her positivity and enthusiasm make her a pleasure to interact with. I'd highly recommend her consultancy to anyone interested in pursuing a career in the challenging yet greatly rewarding field of entertainment."



"As a young, hopeful student trying to break her way into the entertainment industry, seeking advice and guidance from successful industry professionals is crucial. I’ve found that although there are a lot of professionals out there that are willing to help and give advice, there are very few people that will tell you exactly what you need to hear. Kate is one of those rare people. I was fortunate enough to attend Kate's “Phone Skills and Etiquette” entertainment workshop at the UCLA extension center, and I can honestly say that learning about how to roll calls could not have been any more fun! Kate was on fire, and her energy was infectious! She was passionate, engaging, and most importantly, she was extremely honest. Aside from helping us master the art of rolling calls, Kate spent time talking about her experience as a Hollywood assistant and really tried her best to paint an accurate picture of the reality of what it takes to be successful in the industry. As it turned out, I already had an interview set up with WME prior to attending Kate’s workshop, and I immediately reached out to Kate to set up a consultation. From helping me craft the perfect answer to everyone’s favorite “tell me about yourself” question to giving me helpful and constructive interview tips, it was extremely apparent to me how much Kate truly cared about helping young professionals in this industry. To my surprise, I was offered the internship position the next morning after my interview, and I would not have been able to make it happen without Kate’s advice and encouragement. Kate is one-of-a-kind, and anyone who is considering a career in entertainment would benefit enormously from her consultations and coaching. Kate didn't just give me pointers on how to ace my interview, she helped me find the confidence I needed to succeed. Thank you, Kate!"



"Kate is simply top-notch. Her tailor-made coaching, multitude of contacts, years of experience and wisdom, and genuine desire to HELP you, make her a shining light in an industry notorious for depleting everyone within it. She will make you a better analyst, strategist, and ultimately, an informed participant in the entertainment world. Thanks in large part to her, I landed a job at a premier talent agency less than 3 months out of college. Take the opportunity to grow with her."



"I first met Kate when we both worked at ICM Partners a few years ago. Since then, she has been an invaluable resource for career consulting. Not only is she skilled at resume building and amending, she also formulates a game-plan to help you reach your career goals. Besides having the knowledge and connections for the entertainment industry, she is also incredibly passionate about helping others. Her enthusiasm is infectious and the extra push is very welcome in the exhausting job hunt. In an industry of more questions than answers, Kate is a welcome voice of reason and positivity. Thanks for all your help!"



"During my last semester of college, Kate guided me through all the steps to become a viable candidate in the industry and land the job I wanted. First, Kate turned my resume from one belonging to a teenager to one belonging to a professional, and I am so excited to now show it off! The night before my interview with WME, Kate and I spoke on the phone for an hour to prepare and review potential questions and answers, and the next day I landed the job! Kate has an unbelievable drive to help and sincerely cares about everyone she works with. I would highly recommend Kate to anyone looking for help with their resumes or for career advice. I am so grateful to you Kate, thank you so much!”



"I recently moved to LA to work in film/TV production. After talking with Kate and doing my own research, I decided that working for a talent agency was the best place for me to start. I met with Kate in person for an hour and a half Mastermind Training session. We began by discussing my career dreams and then breaking down what the long term plan would look like to get there. It was fantastic to finally gain clarity on the specific positions I should be working towards within the Entertainment Industry. We then went through my resume and Kate helped me rephrase my relevant experience within the industry so that my resume would appeal to what talent agencies are seeking. To prepare for the interview process, we wrote out potential questions and answers and then went through a mock interview process. Hearing Kate's feedback to my answers boosted my confidence and helped me feel at ease when professionally discussing my strengths, weaknesses, past experiences, career goals, etc. I have two interviews at different talent agencies this week, and thanks to Kate's mentoring and guidance, I feel confident and prepared. She's charming, enthusiastic, knowledgeable, and great to work with. Kate is amazing, I can't recommend her enough!"



"For anyone serious about advancing their career in entertainment look no further. Kate and her expertise are truly an investment worth your while! Prior to meeting Kate, I had very little understanding of how to utilize my experiences and network to land an entry level job in Hollywood. I began working with Kate privately after her seminar at UCLA. I was very impressed by her experience and accomplishments within the entertainment industry as well as her ability to tailor her advisement for each individual’s unique circumstances. Kate helped give my resume and cover letter a much needed facelift highlighting desired strengths and strong character traits. She also provided me with really great interviewing tips that I was able to implement during our mock interview. Her critiques were very valuable, making me conscious of how I am perceived when being interviewed. She also encouraged me to utilize my existing network to find an "in" in Hollywood. She has truly been amazing. Within a few weeks, I landed a position in reception at CAA!  Throughout the process, Kate would check in and support me until I officially got hired. She is very committed to her clients and I am so appreciative of all she has done to help me land my job at CAA. She went above and beyond for me and I couldn’t have asked for more in a mentor."



"Trying to cross over from the theater world in New York to TV in LA, I reached out to Kate, a smart, trusted friend, who I knew had quickly worked her way up in TV Lit at ICM, and been named by Variety as an “Assistant to Watch.” Not only did she help me land an interview at one of the big four agencies right away, but through talking to her, I got a good lay of the land out here and have been able to move quickly into TV Lit and from the agency world into Development."



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