Industry Praise

I am proud to work in partnership with top recruiters in the entertainment industry, as well as career advisors at top colleges and universities across the US. 


"As a recruiter focusing on hiring for a leading entertainment, media, and sports agency, I can always trust that Kate’s referrals are high caliber talent, as I’ve hired a few previously under her tutelage, who are now thriving at the company. Kate is truly the embodiment of what it means to be a successful, “fast riser” in the world of entertainment. ”

Kristena Hatcher

CAA Human Resources


“Kate Lupo knows her stuff, exploring the multiple paths to an entry-level Hollywood position with a well-detailed and tenacious focus. Through both tailored workshops and independent consultation, Kate has proven a great resource to the Yale Office of Career Strategy.”

Derek Webster

Associate Director for the Arts, Office of Career Strategy, Yale University


"Kate provided a welcome reality-check to those 3000 miles away from Hollywood who want to break into the film industry. In a brief but colorful session, she introduced Dartmouth students to ideas that they (we) never think about regarding the myriad of details one must get right to be taken seriously by very busy, overworked film executives. This is a talk every would-be movie employee should hear and heed. Kate really knows her material, and more importantly, she knows how to get it across succinctly, entertainingly and indelibly."

Bill Phillips

Professor of Film & Media Studies, Dartmouth College


“It’s been a pleasure to work together with Kate as she organized her Resume consults and Mastermind webinar for Middlebury students.  I felt confident promoting her services because of her excellent on-campus presentation I attended that was content rich and very polished.  I was convinced her background well qualifies her to work with students as they explore career options in the film and entertainment space.  Plus it was nice to support an alum and offer these resources that compliment what is available to students on campus already.”

Tim Mosehauer

Career Advisor at Middlebury College


In her Entry-Level Hollywood Workshop, Kate did a great job with sharing hard truths and insider advice about the culture of the entertainment business in Hollywood.  She presents an overview of the entertainment industry and offers tips for resume, cover letter, interviewing, networking and professional etiquette that will increase a candidate's chance of success.  The list of resources to keep-to-date with industry information and job positing sites was particularly helpful.  Anyone who attends a Kate Lupo workshop will be better prepared for this competitive industry. 

Nathan Slusher & Julia Beyer

American University Career Center

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